• First Home, Next Home Buyers & Refinancers:

Whether you’re a first home buyer, next home buyer or refinancer, you deserve to enjoy the buying journey. Whilst this time is an exciting one, it can also be intimidating. South Sydney endeavours to guide and recommend the best possible products and advice to help you along with the process. In our experience a lender will never contact you each year to see if you want a lower rate on your home loan. Our specialty is negotiating with the banks and lenders to ensure we save you money, secure you the best loan product and ensure you can have the ideal lifestyle you’re looking for. We will take the complexity out of this process for what is an incredibly exciting time!

  • Property Investors:

Investors know how crucial it is to get the right advice upfront to maximise their success. This doesn’t change whether it’s your first investment property, next investment property or if you’re just seeking a better deal on your existing loans, we’re here to help! Our passion is to save you time and money and we always go in to bat for our clients. Let us help finance your future so you can get ahead of the pack.

Finance and equipment assets

Whether it is for your first brand new car or the financing of a fleet of cars, the team at South Sydney Advisory has access to a large range of lenders in order to ensure that you get the best possible terms that suit your individual or business circumstances.


If you’re a business looking to make an investment in more specialised equipment, we can help preserve your cash in order to keep your business running smoothly and fund a solution for you!

Commercial loans

  • Commercial Property: 

There is a wide range of finance options available to choose from when purchasing a commercial property, and the option best suited to your needs will depend on many factors. However, if you are buying as a business owner or investor (either directly or through your SMSF or an SPV), South Sydney Advisory can help you arrange the finance. 

  • Business Finance & Working Capital: 

Consistent access to cash and steady cash flow facilities are the lifeblood of any business. At South Sydney Advisory, we understand this and have a high level of expertise in structuring working capital solutions and are able to advise clients of ways to maximise their available cash across a range of industries.  

  • Development:

Having extensive relationships with most major lenders and reputable private lenders, South Sydney Advisory is well placed to secure the necessary funding for your next development project.

Speciality loans

  • SMSF

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are an excellent medium for property investment however these entities are subject to greater rules and scrutiny which often leads to more specialised requirements when looking to finance property through them. South Sydney Advisory will use its expertise to help facilitate the entire process to avoid unnecessary issues and make investing simple! 

  • Doctors & Medical Professionals: 

South Sydney Advisory can assist those in industries that require more specialised home loans and finance facilities. As an example this can include doctors and medical professionals that qualify for a specialised home loan package. These special home loan products can offer lower rates,  be taken out with a lower deposit and without having to pay LMI. Contact us today to discuss these products and your eligibility for them. 

  • Private Lending: 

Given that the shoe doesn’t always fit. South Sydney Advisory has access to some credible and supportive private lenders that can always assist with the finance of some facilities that don’t fit existing moulds. Australia’s non-bank and private lenders continue to take mortgage market share from the major banks and assess deals on their own merits. These lenders offer flexibility and think outside traditional bank processes. Together, South Sydney Advisory can help you finance your future.